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Peter Leeb, Christina Condak

Schottenfeldgasse 53/1
1070 Vienna, Austria
T +43 1 522 2797



Our times, the Anthropocene, are exciting times. We are increasingly becoming aware of the interdependencies of almost everything. The whole world starts to take on a fresh meaning for us. We see architecture as one discipline that can help us to come to terms with this complexity. It can work as a focusing device, a […]

Point Zero
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There is no architecture without desire. This simple truth is expressed in the word project: something that is thrown forward, something imagined, something not yet there. Each project aims at a specific state of completeness, a state where all things involved fall into place. We think that precision in every respect is the path to […]

community garden
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Weekend House2
Pool and Terrace
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Whether it is a piece of land in the countryside, a lot on the outskirts of the city, or a gap in the city, whether it is a part of an existing plot or an existing building is irrelevant. Every place holds countless characteristics, some openly recognizable and some, which only appear after a more […]

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We are extremely interested in our clients: We allocate a lot of time to listen to their stories, ideas and desires. We then spend a lot of time to reflect on what we have heard, and we spend again a lot of time to discuss the findings. We usually do several rounds of this in […]

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Instant Park: nurarchitektur
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Big_south balconies
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Nurarchitektur_house on a farm
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