nurarchitektur places


Whether it is a piece of land in the countryside, a lot on the outskirts of the city, or a gap in the city, whether it is a part of an existing plot or an existing building is irrelevant.

Every place holds countless characteristics, some openly recognizable and some, which only appear after a more precise survey. Every place has a history, it has an orientation, it has borders and it has closer and more remote neighbors; it is part of a larger relationship system. Every place is unmistakable and unique because of all these peculiarities. This is how the world is built. It is rich.

In the beginning there is a problematic situation, a deficiency, a need, perhaps a vision. But there is also an approximate idea for improvement.

Careful observation of the givens, in depth study of things hidden, an analysis that turns the circumstances into a field of possibilities – a program emerges and the outline of a project takes shape.

Architecture is the spatial result of the dialogue between the place and the program.