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We are extremely interested in our clients: We allocate a lot of time to listen to their stories, ideas and desires. We then spend a lot of time to reflect on what we have heard, and we spend again a lot of time to discuss the findings. We usually do several rounds of this in order to get acquainted with people, place and program. The more we know about the specific circumstances, the better we can integrate the brief into the project.

We believe that architecture’s decency lies in its provision of comfort and support to people’s lives.

There are different kinds of needs: the conscious ones, the subconscious ones and the ones that are entirely unknown. It is obvious that our interest is directed to the revelation and elaboration of the latter two. Here we find another aspect with the capacity to arrive at a specific project. The difference of the people, their preferences, idiosyncrasies and their desires is a wide field of inspiration for a project.

The development of the program, i.e. the contents, the functions, but also certain hierarchies of a project, can only successfully happen as a collaborative effort: a dialogue is introduced, a process is initiated. We believe that architecture is much more fruitful if understood as a process rather than as a product. Character and identity can form by dialogue, by working out of differences and their elaboration within the appropriate timeframe. Following that path is bound to enrich the client and the world.

There is no good project without the engagement of the client.