Point Zero


POINT O architects in the making
This film is about something in the making and it is the special collaboration between an architect and a theater team that leads to its unique quality. Point 0 is a testimony to a certain time in teaching architecture. In a documentary/oral history format with a twist, 21 architects reflect on their initiations into the culture of architecture education through a ritual performance. Asked to recall vivid memories and relevant experiences from their education, they perform a few actions and tell their story. In front of this neutral background specificities emerge: a wide range of responses are juxtaposed revealing essential preoccupations within the three generations of architects. This is not just text as information, you see the person and you hear the story. We are left to wonder where we are going and what we might be leaving behind. The film has been shown in architecture schools in Europe and America and has been used for teaching workshops on architecture and education.

Original Title: POINT 0 architects in the making
Country: Made in Austria
Year completed: 2017
Runtime: 53 min
Format: HD 16:9
Sound: Digital Sound
Language: English

Concept: Chirstina Condak
Directors: Christina Condak / Yosi Wanunu (Toxic Dreams)
Camera: Michael Stromann
Text / Voice over: Christina Condak
Montage / Editing: Michael Strohmann / Christina Condak
Sound: Michael Stromann
Music: Martin Siewert

This project was supported by the (Budeskanzleramt) Federal Chancellary, Austria.