Our times, the Anthropocene, are exciting times.
We are increasingly becoming aware of the interdependencies of almost everything.
The whole world starts to take on a fresh meaning for us.

We see architecture as one discipline that can help us to come to terms with this complexity. It can work as a focusing device, a tool for assembling the richness of the world in one place.

Our work is out of principle a team effort; we are not interested to wander off into the hermetic corners of the field. Therefore the future user plays a key role in the realization of the project.

The uniqueness of the place, the singularity of the user and the interpretation of the program come together in a special project.

We like to look back in time and take advantage of things that stood the test. We like to project into the future in order to be as much prepared as possible. Both perspectives help us to introduce a proper dialogue with the present.

There are things that we need, there are things that we long for and there are things that we dream of. Our goal is the establishment of appropriateness: the creation of places that simply feel right.

Our architecture reads the world and writes the spatial text for living.